Adventures in Sex City (Resource) – Do you/would you use this with your classes?

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This past weekend, I caught up with a few of my old (female) high school students. They are now in 12th grade, and wanted to talk honestly about the social aspects of college life, hear my impressions, experiences, etc. While we were chatting it up, they shared how frustrating it is that their high school guy friends choose to play hours (8 hours, sometimes) of video games instead of ‘hanging out’ with them on the weekends (not sure that will change so much in college, but it got me thinking….)

I’ve typically shied away from using video games in sexuality education classes, opting instead for real-time discussions and relationship building. Today, however, I checked out the “Adventures in Sex City – The Game.” The game features lots of relevant questions and was built by teens, for teens, so it must be great, right?! Right?! I’m curious to know your thoughts on whether this is something worthwhile to try in the classroom, or even assign as homework. Yes, I cannot wait to hear your insight and thoughts on that idea!

You can test your knowledge, and check it out, here: and play Game 1 “The Original” or Game 2 “Alcohol & Substance Abuse.”

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