CFLE Conference is my Spring Training

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I research, I practice, and enter the classroom armed and prepared.  Hoping to not only teach about sexuality, but empower the youth make future healthy choices because of something they learned during my short time with them.

Sometimes I hit a home run, like when a  female high school grad returned to school and informed her teacher she felt empowered when her partner said he wasn’t wearing a condom due to size.  She remembered seeing a condom demonstration where it stretched from finger tips to shoulder and heard size shouldn’t be an excuse for not using one or if it is, do not have sex. She told him no. No condom – No sex.  Because that lesson made a lasting impression she made an educated choice to not have sexual intercourse. 

And sometimes I hit a few fouls, like when someone shouted out during our group guidelines: THIS IS BOOORING!  This is STOOOOPID!!!

In every class, I teach the best I can and bring my “A game”.   Included in my “A game” have been many tips and great suggestions learned at CFLE’s Sex Ed Conference.  I wait excitedly every year for this three day conference. It’s my Spring Training.      

To look around the crowded room and see so many All Stars, mentors, and team players  is the best feeling.  To be among people who don’t pause to process “Gender Neutral Bathroom” rather, applaud it and wonder why they aren’t everywhere?  It’s a feeling I can hardly describe, but I’ll try… 

It’s like MLB’s Spring Training. You get to see old friends, make new ones, learn and practice things that can only assist in your growth as a player.

So much of what I learn in these three days will carry me through the next year/season.  New friends/coaches will be contacted for advise and suggestion to improve my game.  They will be cheering for not only my success as an educator, but the success of the whole team as a field of sexuality educators and the positive changes being made. At the CFLE Sex Ed Conference you are an important member of this very large team with the same goal in mind.

If you are interested in the field of sexuality, I highly recommend this conference.  I will return each winter for Spring Training. My game depends on it.


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