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My first addition to the blog is about my path to sex education and my experience as a graduate student in the field. People always seem very interested in my motivations when I share that I study human sexuality.

As a psychology major at Clark University, I worked as a research assistant on TAPP with Abbie Goldberg . I found myself deep in a world of Gay and Lesbian Academia which led to an interest in gender roles, gender identity, and gender non-conformity. I couldn’t imagine how I had gone so long without having intentional conversations about gender!

While I wouldn’t change my “a-ha” moment for anything, I would love to start intentional conversations around gender earlier for others. Therefore, I made the choice to become a sex educator/counselor. The next step was finding a place to expand my knowledge and find others with similar interests. Hello, Widener University’s Centerr for Human Sexuality Studies!

It took some adjusting because for someone that set out to study gender, I sure do spend a lot of time in class talking about sex. It’s been incredibly enlightening and I don’t understand why EVERYBODY isn’t spending every minute studying human sexuality.

Now I have linked up with Partners in Sex Education to put my classroom studies into practice. I’m excited to observe and co-teach at the Pike School and I will be sure to tell you all about my experiences.

Jessica Pedrick

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I love the idea of “Intentional conversations about gender,” and the idea of helping others understand & have these conversations earlier in life.

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