The Joy of an Unconventional Classroom

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Partners in Sex Education has given me the opportunity to teach at a transition home for juvenile delinquents and while this may not seem like the dream job to some… for me, it is the best part of my week.

I get to have amazing conversations with passionate young men about sexuality every Friday afternoon. As an educator, it’s great because I have the freedom to plan lessons on whatever topic I think might benefit the boys. As a former counselor for youth with behavioral issues, I feel right at home.

I have conducted three lessons at the home on a range of topics including, myths of pornography, STI risk reduction, and values clarification. Each lesson has led to great discussions and all of the boys leave in a good space with more accurate information about sexuality.

I just wanted to briefly share my joy and ask if anyone has any suggestions for topics to include when I show up for my weekly sex ed lesson…

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