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“This is the moment. This is our test.” Teaching Consent and Bystander Responsibility.

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Steubenville. I cringe typing that town’s name. A town where football players are hero worshiped and slut shaming runs amuck. It was her fault. She was drunk. She was kissing all up on him. She’s done this before. She wanted to leave with the boys. She should have known better. The shaming excuses go on […]

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Could sex ed have made a difference in Steubenville?

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I have been obsessing over Steubenville, Ohio.  Steubenville is not an anomaly; it is representative of a rape culture, of toxic masculinity.  While we as educators don’t have the power to fix it, we are in the position to make a big difference, by talking to youth about consent, respect, and safety. Imagine that you […]

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