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My High School Sex Education – What I wish I’d learned…

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Jessica asked in an earlier post to share what we wished we’d learned in our sex education classes.  I started writing, & it grew from a comment to a blog post:   My sex ed in school was somewhere between limited and destructive. I vividly remember a film strip (the kind where you had to advance the […]

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Quotes From a Sex Ed Classroom

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I recently had the privilege of watching Megara Bell and Kim Comatas each teach anatomy lessons to a group of eager eighth graders. I had been in class the week before and was amazed at the children’s responses to the lessons on healthy relationships and consent. I couldn’t wait to see how they reacted to […]

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Oh! Oh! Listen to my story!

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When people find out you are a sexuality educator, they immediately want to tell you the one thing they remember from their sex ed class oh so many years ago. Or, at least this has been my experience. I love hearing stories so I often indulge them. Recently, a colleague shared her fond memory. It […]

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